Permits and License

Contact: Municipal Clerk for Information or Appointment

Permit Information and Forms

Permits are required for the following activities conducted within the corporation limits of the Town of Church Point. Inspections may be required for some activities listed below prior to permitting:

  • Moving a house or moble home
  • All General Demolition
  • Residential or Commercial Construction or Renovation
  • Plumbing Work
  • Electrical Work
  • Installation of any drain pipe in any roadside ditch
  • Any kind of parade
  • Any construction within a flood zone
  • Tree trimming and cutting

Subdivision Regulations
Regulations required for subdividers of land, developers of apartment, commercial or industrial complexes or authorized representatives to become familiar with subdivision requirements and with the proposals of the official master plan affecting the territory in which the proposed subdivision lies. 

Zoning Regulations
Establishment of districts, district regulations, residential and commerical zoning regulations and enforcement.

Occupational License Information and Forms

Any business located in the Town of Church Point and any individual wishing to open a new business in the Town of Church Point is required to obtain an Occupational License from the Town of Church Point. Licenses are required for any sale of product or service at a fixed location, for profit door-to-door selling or street vending, and any sale of alcohol. Any questions about business requirements and license information can contact the Administrative Official (Municipal Clerk) of the City of Church Point at 337-684-5692.

Occupational License Application
Required for all businesses located in the town of Church Point. This form is required annually and must be returned to the Town of Church Point.

Occupational License Application Instructions
The following document should assist you in completing and returning the Occupational License Application.

Occupational License Tax Information by Business Classification
List of businesses by classification to be used with the online Louisiana Occupational License Tax Tables

Occupational License Tax Tables
Occupational tax based on gross sales

Louisiana Occupational License Manual
Fill out and submit to Municipal Clerk for approval process and or renewal.



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